Car Supermarkets

There are many ways to buy cars, importing from America or Europe, buying from a dealership or buying second hand from the owner’s home. But another unique and growing method is browsing a larger range of car supermarkets across the UK, otherwise known as car hypermarkets.

Nearly New Car Supermarkets And New Car Supermarkets In The UK

A car supermarket’s salesman has to be savvy, hence the term ‘nearly new cars’, a nearly new car is half way between being a used car and a new car. It’s nearly new. It may appear to be a sham but it perfectly describes a car that has lower than usual mileage, under 30,000 miles for example and owned for less than a year.

In effect they’re used cars but with a distinction, nearly new cars is easier than saying, ‘used but not a lot’ cars and sounds more attractive to the buyer and rolls off the tongue of a salesman. Car supermarkets are increasing their stock of new cars and nearly new cars against used cars depending on the prospects of quicker sales.

Used Car Supermarkets And Used Cars For Sale

Car supermarkets primarily sell used cars, either from businesses, fleet car hire or stock that simply hasn’t shifted from nationwide car dealerships.

Much like furniture, an unsold car or sofa is lost showroom space, dead profit and lost turnover so shifting vehicles at car supermarkets or car hypermarkets is preferable if models are not moving fast enough so as to reclaim cash flow and buying power.

You can often get used cars at a much bigger discount from car supermarkets than you would from a car dealership, due to more volume, larger showroom, less overheads and the car supermarket buying in cheaper stock.

UK Car Supermarkets And Online Car Dealerships

There are also a range of other services available on the spot from car supermarkets like car financing and car insurance. UK car supermarkets in the UK are listed in our nationwide directory. You can also compare cars stocked at car supermarkets online which saves you travelling out of your way on an endless care supermarkets journey.